Culture High

What Does Culture High Mean?

The Culture High is a sequel to the 2007 documentary, ‘The Union: The Business Behind Getting High’. The feature-length documentary Culture High was released in 2014 and covers the war on drugs issued by the United States and the marijuana prohibition. The film takes the viewer from the early days of marijuana to modern times to depict the changing attitudes, laws, medical marijuana legalization, and trends. It first premiered at the Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival. Brett Harvey directed the film.


Maximum Yield Explains Culture High

The Culture High was well received by the critics and public. At the 2015 AMPIA Awards, it won Best Documentary and was also nominated for Best Screenwriter Non-Fiction, Best Narrator, and Best Overall Sound. Later that year, at the 2015 Leo Awards, the documentary was nominated for Best Cinematography in a Documentary Program or Series, Best Feature Length Documentary Program, and Best Picture Editing in a Documentary Series. It would also go on to be nominated for the Best Documentary at the Warsaw International Film Festival.


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