Super High Me

Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Super High Me Mean?

Super High Me is a documentary that premiered in 2008 and stars standup comedian and marijuana user, Doug Benson. The film was produced by Producer Alex Campbell. It focuses on the effects of smoking cannabis for a prolonged time span. The documentary also features extensive interviews with dispensary workers, marijuana advocates, politicians, and medical marijuana users.

In the film, the main character spends 30 days smoking weed every day. The various physical changes are recorded and noted throughout the film.


Maximum Yield Explains Super High Me

Prior to spending 30 days straight smoking weed, the main character in Super High Me spends 30 days abstaining from weed, and then compares the effects of both.

Super High Me reveals the physical effects of marijuana use over an extended time period, such as weight gain (likely from the munchies and decreased physical activity from the result of feeling stoned) and a decrease in the user’s mental ability to figure out mathematical problems. Interestingly, his sperm count increased, which appears to contradict some medical research claims which hold that the sperm count in chronic male cannabis users decreases.

The user also took the SAT (a standardized test used for admission into colleges) and his testing score improved. The improved SAT score appeared to be because of a greater verbal performance.

Several leading cannabis advocates are featured in the film such as Marc Emery and Dennis Peron. The film Super High Me is loosely related or inspired by an earlier film called Super Size Me (2004), in which the filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock, eats only McDonalds fast food for 30 days, and the documents the results.


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