Green Crack

What Does Green Crack Mean?

Green Crack is a strain of cannabis that has both sativa and indica in its background (65/35 respectively). It is particularly good for helping to combat depression and stress, but also helps with fatigue and improving mental focus; it also generates a mental buzz. It is also called Cush or Green Cush (with a C, rather than a K).


Maximum Yield Explains Green Crack

Originally named Cush, the cannabis strain that would eventually become dubbed as Green Crack can be either primarily indica or primarily sativa, depending on the grower, though a stronger sativa lineage is more common. Most of the Green Crack available today, in its primarily sativa form, descends from Skunk #1. Those strains with more of an indica presence have a higher percentage of parentage from an Afghani strain.

Green Cush is said to have first been developed in Athens, GA, back in the 1970s, but can be found worldwide, today. When properly cured, the buds of this strain have a citrus/lemon smell, matched visually by the yellowish-white trichomes. Green Crack delivers a smooth smoking experience, with flavors of mango and citrus being prevalent.

While it does include indica in its lineage, Green Crack delivers a sativa-like experience, which means it is more mental than physical. This makes it a good option for combatting depression, anxiety, stress, and for treating PTSD and ADHD. This strain's high THC concentration, usually reaching 24%, is also known for being energizing, improving creativity and sharpening mental focus.

There are few side effects noted with this strain, and they are common to all types of cannabis, including dry mouth, paranoia, and in large doses, dizziness.


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