Male Cannabis Plant

Last updated: April 30, 2019

What Does Male Cannabis Plant Mean?

Cannabis plants are dioecious, meaning that there are separate male and female plants. The male plant creates pollen, which, under most circumstances, except for the occasional hermaphroditic plant, will pollinate the female cannabis plant and result in the formation of seeds.

One male cannabis plant can fertilize many female cannabis plants. However, male cannabis plants are not coveted like the female plants. You can tell a male from a female because the male plant will have the absence of flowers (buds); it only has pollen sacs.


Maximum Yield Explains Male Cannabis Plant

Many cannabis growers are inclined to cull (get rid of) male plants because much of the value of marijuana is found with the female plants and their unfertilized buds. Therefore, male plants tend to use up resources without having much value. Leaving them be also runs the risk of pollinating the females. Once pollinated, the female cannabis plant produces less terpenes.

While most growers don’t specifically seek out male plants or even let them hang around, there are several uses for male cannabis plants. There would be no breeding or cross-breeding, and therefore no new varieties of cannabis, without male plants to create seeds. Additionally, pollen from male cannabis plants can be collected from male plants and stored for later pollination.

When cannabis is grown as a hemp crop for fibers, male plants are worth more as they produce a finer fiber than female hemp plants. If hemp is grown for seed, the male cannabis plant is needed for that as well.

For edible purposes, male cannabis plant leaves can be consumed just the same as female cannabis leaves. Also, the pollen itself can be made into a puck with a pollen press, which compresses the pollen into a very small, but compact and potent method of consuming cannabis.


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