Female Cannabis Plant

Last updated: January 1, 2019

What Does Female Cannabis Plant Mean?

When it comes to growing marijuana, the gender of the plant matters a great deal. While both male and female plants exist, only the female cannabis plant produces large buds, while the male plant produces what is essentially a collection of pollen sacs.

Most growers attempt to grow only female plants. This is because a female cannabis plant grown in the absence of male plants will create very large buds, much larger than what is possible in a mixed-sex situation. Note that there are also hermaphrodite plants that are self-fertilized, although these are rarer than male and female pants.


Maximum Yield Explains Female Cannabis Plant

When it comes to marijuana cultivation, it pays to know the gender of your plants. While male and female plants are needed if you intend to breed plants and then grow them from seed, that’s not true if you’re only interested in harvesting buds. The male cannabis plant produces not buds, but pollen sacs, although they do contain at least some THC. Only the female cannabis plant produces large, THC-filled buds. How do you tell the difference between male and female plants?

There is one sure-fire way to tell a male cannabis plant from a female cannabis plant – the presence of flowers (buds). If you note buds on the plant, it is female. The male plant only creates pollen sacs. Another way to tell the difference between male and female cannabis plants is that the female plant will be covered in a layer of sticky resin that helps the plant to capture pollen from the male plant. Male plants lack this sticky resin coating.

You should also check the juncture of branches with the stem. Male plants will develop ball-like structures that eventually turn into pollen sacs. Female plants will develop bracts with hair-like stigma curling out the top.

In an attempt to grow only female cannabis plants, growers will often search for 'feminized seeds' from seed banks, which grow to become females. To be certain, many growers simply clone their female plants, ensuring they will only grow to be female.


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