Last updated: November 22, 2018

What Does Bract Mean?

In general horticulture, the term bract refers to the female flower bract of a plant. The flower bract looks similar to a leaf but is different than the plant’s foliage and is also not a flower petal. It is actually a modified or specialized leaf.

The bract on the cannabis flower should not be confused with the calyx, which is the outer floral margin that provides protection to the young flower bud. It is located above the leaves but below the flower.


Maximum Yield Explains Bract

The bract of a marijuana plant surrounds the flower inflorescence. With the cannabis plant, the inflorescence surrounds a single stem. Some plants also feature a cluster of brackets.

On the cannabis plant, the bracts are where the flowering buds develop. The bract helps protect the flower structure on most plant types but on the cannabis plant the bract is also considered the actual flower.

Bracts are designed to protect the flower and bud, but on the marijuana plant, the flower itself is also considered a floral bract, which leads to some confusion. The entire flower of the cannabis plant is a leaf-like tubular design that produces capitate-stalked glandular trichomes to attract pollinators. From the flower’s glandular structure, a pair of stigma grow.

In some plants, such as poinsettias, bracts are larger and more brightly colored than the actually flower.


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