Definition - What does Node mean?

Nodes interlink the cannabis plant’s new shoots to the stem. They are the joints on the plant’s stem. Many growers refer to the nodes as the growth tips of the plant’s stem. The nodes are also the area on the plant’s stem that develops the buds.

Within the nodes are the plant’s internodes. On the marijuana plant, the nodes can reveal a lot about the plant’s health.

MaximumYield explains Node

Nodes are the areas of the cannabis plant where a grower prunes the plant. Ideally, the plants should have several large nodes before pruning.

Growers prune cannabis plants in a variety of ways, but they all involve cutting the plant at specific nodes. Pruning at the nodes rather than elsewhere is recommended because this helps cannabis cultivators control where branches will develop. This ultimately allows them to control plant growth based on the confines of their growing space.

Growers judge the plant’s health by looking at the spacing of the nodes and the size. Long nodes indicate that the plant is not receiving adequate light and is stretching in its growth habits in an effort to reach more light. Long nodes can cause weak growth.

Nodes that grow too long or short also might indicate that the plant is experiencing too great of a temperature change at night/day.

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