Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Weedstagram Mean?

Contrary to what the name suggests, Weedstagram is not an app or social network. Rather, it is a hashtaged term used on Instagram, Twitter, and other existing social media sites to track trending cannabis-related posts and pictures.

Weedstagram (#weedstagram) has become one of the most popular hashtags used to highlight cannabis pictures and topics around the world.


Maximum Yield Explains Weedstagram

Hashtags allow people to track topics of interest across most social networks. They are most heavily used on Instagram and Twitter, but even Facebook has gotten into the act recently. A hashtag is simply a term or phrase preceded by the pound (#) sign.

A quick look on Instagram using the #weedstagram hashtag shows tens of thousands of marijuana-related posts. These range from images of hand-blown bongs and pipes to seeds to buds growing on plants within an indoor growing environment and a great deal more. There are also images of actual people using marijuana in a range of formats, from pipes and water bongs to blunts.

In addition to images of accessories, paraphernalia, and the buds of various strains, you’ll also find that looking up the #weedstagram hashtag is an excellent way to get acquainted with some of the newer formats in which you can find marijuana. For instance, not familiar with shatter? You can find pictures of it tagged with #weedstagram. Not sure what a cannabis infusion might be, or how marijuana can be added to foods and beverages? You’ll learn all about it by perusing your social streams using this hashtag.

Note that some of the posts tagged with this hashtag might be hidden or removed, as they may or may not comply with the community guidelines of the various social networks. Instagram is notorious for blocking or removing such content, but Twitter, Facebook and other networks also police content.


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