Cannabis Cocktail

Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Cannabis Cocktail Mean?

A cannabis cocktail is a way to combine alcohol and marijuana, delivering a double-edged buzz. Almost any type of cocktail can be infused with cannabis, but some of the most popular include the Sazerac, eggnog, margarita, and bloody Mary.

There are a number of ways to infuse a cocktail with cannabis, including adding ground up plant material, or adding a few drops of cannabis oil to your favorite drink. There are complete guides to making cannabis cocktails available in bookstores and online.

Additionally, cannabis cocktails can now be made simply by using a marijuana-infused vodka or other spirit in place of regular spirits to any drink recipe.


Maximum Yield Explains Cannabis Cocktail

Looking for a way to get your drink on but want a little buzz, too? Combine the two; the world of cannabis cocktail recipes offers a host of options to get the double-edged high you’re looking for. How do you combine cannabis and cocktails, though? Actually, there are a couple of different ways, depending on what you’re after.

One of the simplest and most expedient options is to simply add cannabis oil to your cocktail of choice. The problem here is that the oil is likely to float on top, meaning that you’ll need to stir your drink pretty constantly. That's not an issue with drinks like the bloody Mary, where you have a built-in stir stick in the form of a celery stalk, but what about a glass of straight whiskey?

Another option is to make an infusion with actual bud material. To do this, you would need a way to masticate the bud material so that you damage the cell walls and release the THC locked up there. You can do this with something like a mortar and pestle before adding the bud to the alcohol, or you can use a muddler to achieve the same results in the alcohol.

With that being said, the problems with a cannabis cocktail are that you are 1) combining two different drugs, which can have dramatically different effects on your body and, 2) changing the dosage of THC you’re receiving. It can be hard to control cannabis dosage when adding it to alcoholic drinks, so exercise caution and go slowly. One way around this is to make virgin cannabis cocktails, which don't contain alcohol, but still replicate their alocholic versions, simply replacing alochol for cannabis.


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