Grinder Card

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Grinder Card Mean?

A grinder card is a manual solution to the challenge of grinding up cannabis so that it can be rolled for smoking, or added to a pipe. A wide variety of card designs and styles can be found today, most of which are the size of a credit card and easily fit in a wallet.

Most grinder cards offer several blade sizes, allowing you to achieve anything from a course grind to a super fine grind. This allows you to consume your cannabis in any way you want, from rolling a joint to using a one-hitter or a bong.


Maximum Yield Explains Grinder Card

Before it can be consumed in most ways, marijuana needs to be ground down or broken up. This can be done by hand, but that is time consuming and often leads to lost bits of bud material. Electric and manual grinders exist, but they do not work if you’re on the go. A grinder card may be the answer to this challenge.

A grinder card is exactly what it sounds like – a credit card-sized device built with grinder blades. It resembles a cheese grater, but it fits in the card slots inside your wallet. By running your bud over the blades on the card, you can achieve the grind fineness that you prefer.

There are many styles and designs on the market, including grinder cards that resemble playing cards, or feature marijuana-related art. Choose a card that’s made from stainless steel to ensure sterility and ease of cleaning, though.

You should also make sure that the blades included offer the grind fineness that you prefer (while many cards offer several fineness capabilities, some only offer one). You may also want to look for a card that features grip tape for a no-slip hold during use.


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