Blunt Wrap

Last updated: January 24, 2019

What Does Blunt Wrap Mean?

“Blunt” is a term used to describe a marijuana cigar – a blunt wrap is the outer wrapper that is used to hold the blunt together. In most cases, the blunt wrapper is made from tobacco leaves, like a standard cigar, and it can be flavored to provide different tastes and/or aromas depending on your preferences.


Maximum Yield Explains Blunt Wrap

While cannabis can be consumed in many different ways, smoking remains one of the most popular. In addition to bongs and joints, it can be smoked in cigar format – a marijuana cigar is called a blunt. Like tobacco cigars, though, there must be a way to hold it all together. That’s the job of the blunt wrap.

A blunt wrap is nothing more than the material that wraps the blunt and holds the bud material together. In most cases, it’s made from tobacco leaves. In some instances, it’s a single leaf, but it may also be made from multiple leaves. Note that some blunts have an inner wrapper, which is thin and paper-like, and an outer wrapper, which is thicker, and more akin to what you’d find on the outside of a corona cigar.

You can get a blunt wrap in two ways. First, you can purchase a cigar, remove the tobacco, and then refill with bud material. The second way is to purchase a specifically made blunt wrap – Entourage is one brand, but there are many others on the market. These are essentially “shells” sold without any filler material, and that means you don’t have to remove the tobacco before you can fill the blunt with bud material.

Note that all blunt wrap options are made from tobacco leaves, and while they contain little to no nicotine, they may contain other chemicals that can cause health problems.


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