Last Updated: August 13, 2018

Definition - What does Fusarium mean?

Fusarium is a soil-dwelling fungus. It attacks the root system of several types of plants, including cannabis.

Fusarium can quickly cause wilt or root rot in marijuana plants, devastating an entire crop. Growing marijuana plants hydroponically is considered one of the best ways to prevent fusarium because the fungus cannot survive without soil.

The fungus usually occurs in warm, tropical regions of the world. It is spread through water movement and garden tools. It can sit dormant in the soil for years until it comes into contact with a viable host plant such as marijuana.

MaximumYield explains Fusarium

Fusarium usually causes dark spots to develop on the lower leaves of the marijuana plant. The infected leaves then start to turn yellow and brown before wilting. If the roots of the marijuana plant are also infected, the stem will turn reddish and burst open.

When the roots have been attacked by fusarium, the cannabis plant is unable to adequately absorb nutrients. Any infected plants should be promptly removed to prevent other plants from being exposed to the fungus. All gardening tools need to be promptly disinfected to prevent exposing healthy plants to the fungus.

During the United States government’s War on Drugs campaign, fusarium was often used to kill off cannabis fields.

Genetics play a significant role in cannabis plants becoming infected by the fungus. For example, certain strains of marijuana are less likely to suffer from fusarium. These types of strains would be recommended for soil grows.

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