Doob Tube

Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Doob Tube Mean?

A doob tube is a specially designed container that easily holds pre-rolled marijuana joints. Joints are commonly referred to as ‘doobs’ or ‘doobies'.

The doob tube container is fashioned to be not only discreet but also easy to carry. Doob tubes are available in many sizes, colors, and shapes. Most doob tubes are even designed to be completely smell-proof so the user never has to worry about walking around smelling like pungent weed. The container keeps weed fresh and helps preserve the product's terpenes.


Maximum Yield Explains Doob Tube

In addition to the features noted above, doob tubes are also designed to keep unwanted moisture away from the marijuana products. The lid of the doob tube closes tightly to form an airtight seal that keeps the cannabis dry and fresh.

A doob tube will easily hold joints, blunts, and even cigarettes. Most doob tubes measure from four to five inches long so they fit easily into a pocket. The containers are typically made of high-grade plastic but some manufacturers may use other materials. Some doob tubes are clearly marked for the use of medicinal marijuana. They are ideal for traveling.

Decades ago, the term doob tube referred to a cardboard toilet paper tube that was stuffed with fragrant dryer sheets. A marijuana user would blow an exhaled hit through the tube to mask the smell of the cannabis.

In addition to doob tubes, a user may make use of a dugout system, which is like a doob tube, but is larger with a compartment for storing dried bud on one side, and a slimmer compartment on the other side from the doobie.


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