Water Pipe

Last updated: January 22, 2019

What Does Water Pipe Mean?

A water pipe, also called a bong, is a tool for smoking marijuana. It offers a number of benefits over smoking a joint, including less harshness. The water in the pipe can also be flavored with fruit, or replaced with flavored liquids to change the taste of the smoke.

Water pipes can be small and portable, or they can be large and designed to allow multiple smokers to partake at once (hookahs are commonly used for this purpose).


Maximum Yield Explains Water Pipe

While marijuana can be eaten, distilled down to oil and vaporized, dabbed and more, the most common means of using it is to smoke it. Generally, that means using rolling papers to create a joint, similar to a home-rolled cigarette.

However, smoking a joint can lead to a less than ideal experience, as the heat of the burning plant fibers can cause harsh smoke, and significant coughing. A water pipe, also called a bong, can provide a smoother, more enjoyable smoking experience.

Water pipes come in all shapes, sizes and forms. The simplest version uses a glass body with a metal receptacle into which the marijuana is placed (and that holds it while it burns). A mouthpiece extends off from the body of the pipe, and users inhale through this.

The interior of the pipe is filled with water or another liquid. As the marijuana burns, the user inhales, causing air to enter the body of the pipe, and bubbling to occur in the liquid. This cools the smoke, reducing harshness, but can also change the flavor and aroma of the smoke depending on the type of liquid and whether or not fruit or another flavoring was added at the start of the smoking session.


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