Carbon Filter

Last Updated: August 13, 2018

Definition - What does Carbon Filter mean?

Carbon filters help control the pungent aroma of marijuana plants in a grow room or greenhouse setting. They are often installed in an exhaust system.

Carbon filters do not alter the smell of the marijuana plants, but will successfully prevent the plant’s aroma from leaking out of the grow room. The exhaust fan vents the plant’s smell out of the grow room and across the carbon filter, which traps the smell so the plant’s telltale aroma is not released outside of the grow room.

MaximumYield explains Carbon Filter

In order to function successfully, all air must be vented so it flows across the carbon filter.

Carbon filters, also called carbon scrubbers, are especially beneficial at filtering out the smell of flowering marijuana plants grown in a grow room or grow tent. The filter actually pulls the smell of the plants from the air and neutralizes the odor via a functioning exhaust system.

The aroma-laced air must be pushed or pulled through the carbon filter in order to be successfully filtered out. Ideally, a vacuum is created in the grow area to force the air through the carbon filter.

Carbon filters are highly efficient, durable, and function for a long time before they become 'full' and require replacing. The filters come in various sizes and shapes, including can (cylindrical) styles and flat styles, to fit whatever exhaust system the grower is utilizing.

Typically, a grower that only has two or three plants does not need a carbon filtered exhaust system, but any more plants create an odor issue and usually require carbon filtration to eliminate the distinguishing smell of the cannabis plants.

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