Indoor Grow

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Indoor Grow Mean?

Indoor grow is a term used to describe growing marijuana indoors. This may be in a home, or it could be in a commercial operation. While both differ in terms of scale, they are the same in the needs of plants grown in an indoor setting.

Indoor grow is a more casual way of saying 'indoor garden', 'controlled environment agriculture', and interior gardening' etc. Indoor grow is a collective term referring to the plants themselves (a noun), rather than the actual act of growing them. It's a term used by those in the industry, as opposed to 'grow op' which is mainly used by law enforcement.

Another way of saying indoor grow is 'grow show' or simply 'growroom'.


Maximum Yield Explains Indoor Grow

Indoor grow is a term that applies to marijuana plants being grown indoors rather than outdoors. There are many benefits to be gained by growing plants indoors, and an indoor grow system can help ensure consistent, high yields, prevent disease and damage to plants, and more. Indoor growing also allows plants to be grown in any geographic area, regardless of heat, humidity, cold, altitude, and other factors that might make outdoor growing impossible.

However, setting up an indoor grow system will require time, money and an understanding of not only your goals, but the needs of the plants you’re growing. For instance, you’ll need a grow room, which may be as small as a closet, or as large as an aircraft hangar, depending on the scale of your operation.

You’ll also need adequate grow lighting for each stage of plant development, a way to get water and nutrients to plant roots, a means of training or pruning plants to ensure the maximum yield, and a way to prevent root and soil-based threats from affecting your plants. Generally, this is done by using a sterile, soilless growing medium. A ventilation system will also be needed to wick away unwanted moisture and maintain proper humidity levels at all times (to prevent mold and mildew from forming).

An indoor grow operation can provide you with high-quality product for your own use, or it can allow you to jumpstart your commercial operation and supply a growing industry.


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