Hippie Hit

What Does Hippie Hit Mean?

Hippie hit, also called cornering, is a term used to refer to a method of smoking cannabis from a bowl in which each person in turn sections off a bit of green, unburnt flower, for their hit. This ensures that there is fresh green available for others.


Maximum Yield Explains Hippie Hit

In a hippie hit, each participant lights only a small portion of the bowl when it is their turn to smoke. This continues as the bowl is passed, until everyone in the group has enjoyed a hit of unlit flower, or “green.” This process is also called cornering, piecing or edging. Whichever term is used, the process is the same.

A hippie hit is, at heart, a conservation practice used to ensure that everyone within a particular group partaking in cannabis is able to enjoy the purest, most enjoyable smoke. This comes from pure green cannabis, not partially burnt, or burnt plant matter. In the traditional method of smoking, such as when only a single person is partaking, the entire bowl is lit at the same time. This provides a good first hit, but each subsequent hit becomes harsher and tastes more burnt, because the ratio of green plant matter to burnt and partially burnt plant matter decreases.

Cornering, or hippie hitting, is about sharing and ensuring everyone has an enjoyable smoke. The proper way to corner is to hold the flame to the bowl at an angle, and to only light a small portion. Think of a pie chart, and imagine attempting to light only one section of the chart at a time. Angling the bowl itself will also help ensure that the proper portioning occurs so that everyone can enjoy a hit of green.




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