Dirt Weed

Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Dirt Weed Mean?

Dirt Weed is lower quality bud that sells for a lower price. Another common name for dirt weed is schwag, regs, or reggie.

Dirt weed may be referred to as such because it is available for 'dirt cheap'. It is less potent than the higher quality trimmed and cured primo bud.

Dirt weed may contain more than the user intends on smoking, like stems and seeds. Dirt weed should not be confused with 'ditch weed'—an end product that literally grows on the side of the road in ditches.


Maximum Yield Explains Dirt Weed

Dirt weed is common when purchased privately, and it is making its way into less reputable dispensaries. Some dealers are upfront about their bud being dirt weed, while other might try to disguise the product.

With dirt weed, the buds are smaller and dull in color, such as a dark green or even brownish color. A lot of ditch weed is said to come from Mexico. Another theory behind this slang term is that it is named after the taste that it has, which isn’t the vibrant bouquet of terpenes that most professional recreational or medical growers pride themselves on.

Dirt weed is low-grade commercial pot and it is typically sativa dominant. Dirt weed is produced with more quantity in mind rather than quality. When it is sold and transported, it is normally done so in bricks. When it is packed sometimes there is dirt, leaves, bugs, and stems included. These bricks sometimes degrade the structure of the buds and compress them. Many times ditch weed is harvested before it is ready so the trichomes aren’t completely developed.

When it is dried, it’s typically done outside in the sun, and it has a distinctive crumbly and dry texture. It isn’t normally de-stemmed or de-seeded; if spotted in time, these parts are sometimes removed before smoking.


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