Gravity Bong

Last updated: September 16, 2018

What Does Gravity Bong Mean?

Gravity bongs, whether homemade or store bought, are a popular way to consume cannabis.

Historically, a gravity bong was a homemade type of cannabis bong that relied on the use of two plastic bottles to funnel the marijuana smoke through water and up to the user to inhale via gravity. The bong worked by submerging a smaller cut plastic bottle inside of a larger plastic bottle or bucket.

Nowadays, with the widespread legalization of cannabis for recreational use and medicinal marijuana usage, prefabricated commercial gravity bongs can be purchased either online or from marijuana paraphernalia distributors and dispensaries.


Maximum Yield Explains Gravity Bong

In a gravity bong, the small bottle holds a bowl where the cannabis is placed. The cannabis is lit and the smaller bottle is pulled slowly out of the larger bottle/bucket that contains the water. The small bottle fills with the smoke of the burning cannabis.

The user then unscrews the lid and places their mouth over the bottle’s opening while pushing the bottle down so that the smoke is forced up into the user’s lungs.

Gravity bongs are a favored way to smoke cannabis because they get the user higher by forcing highly concentrated smoke into the user’s lungs. The lungs are filled to a capacity that far surpasses the abilities of a joint or pipe. Gravity bongs are usually only for seasoned cannabis users and should not be used by beginners.

Homemade gravity bongs remain a popular way to quickly and easily construct an instrument used to smoke marijuana from simple and readily available products.


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