Reverse Gravity Bong

Last updated: September 16, 2018

What Does Reverse Gravity Bong Mean?

A reverse gravity bong is a device, often homemade, used for smoking cannabis. A reverse gravity bong is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a gravity bong. Other names for such a bong are waterfall bong or bucket bong.

Essentially, a reverse gravity bong is a container that can drain at the bottom and is fillable at the top. To use such a device it is first filled with water. A smoking bowl is placed over an opening in the container’s cap or lid and the cannabis is lit. The plug at the bottom is then removed, the water begins to drain, and the container fills with smoke. Once the water has drained out and the container is full of smoke, the user removes the lid and bowl and inhales the smoke in the container.


Maximum Yield Explains Reverse Gravity Bong

Almost any type of container once appropriate for holding liquids could be modified to create a reverse gravity bong. Fro example, large soda bottles are often used so long as it is possible to cut and plug a hole in the bottom of the container.

The benefit of smoking cannabis by using such a device is that it is easier for the smoker to inhale as there is not as much pressure on the lungs as with the more typical methods of inhaling cannabis smoke.

Some reverse gravity bongs make use of two bottles—the small bottle holds the cannabis, and when lit the smaller bottle is pulled slowly out of the larger bottle/bucket that contains the water. The small bottle fills with the smoke of the burning cannabis.

If not homemade, reverse gravity bongs can be purchased either online or from marijuana paraphernalia distributors and dispensaries.


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