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Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does High Times Mean?

High Times has been the go-to publication for everything cannabis related since 1974. The publication focuses on cultivation, legalization, usage, entertainment, and culture. It has evolved into a respected news source. At its prime, it boasted nearly half a million subscribers.

Founded by Tom Forçade, High Times is also available via digital, websites, apps and live events. In 2015, David Kohl was appointed CEO. From its inception, the publication was based in New York, but it 2017 it relocated to Los Angeles, California after it was sold in a $70 million deal.


Maximum Yield Explains High Times

Throughout the years, numerous high profile individuals such as Charles Bukowski, Truman Capote, Hunter S.Thompson, and William Burroughs have contributed to the magazine.

High Times is focused on more than just publications that advocate marijuana legalization. They also sponsor events such as their Cannabis Cup trade shows and their Business Summit conference.

The High Times Cannabis Cup is a world famous cannabis event where cultivators compete with their best strains. The event also hosts numerous seminars, product showcases, celebrity appearances, concerts, and expositions. The Business Summit brings together cannabis entrepreneurs and health care professionals to promote medical marijuana.

With marijuana legalization a reality in many states, High Times continues to focus on providing cannabis related information to the public. In addition to print subscribers, the magazine is distributed to dispensaries, and its digital properties are said to receive around 20 million unique site visitors per month.



High Times Magazine

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