Fungus Gnat

Last Updated: August 13, 2018

Definition - What does Fungus Gnat mean?

Fungus gnats are tiny winged insects that fly around the plants they infest. Growers typically notice the fungus gnats buzzing around the soil at the base of their cannabis plants.

The larvae of the gnats grow in the soil and are especially prevalent if the soil is kept excessively moist.

A female fungus gnat can lay approximately 200 eggs per day. The larvae feed on the fungus in the soil but if there is not enough fungus for the fungus gnat larvae then they will feed on the marijuana plant’s roots. The droppings of the fungus gnat also adversely affect the marijuana plant’s roots by preventing the soil from adequately draining.

MaximumYield explains Fungus Gnat

Fungus gnats tend to occur in soil that is kept excessively wet. If a grower overwaters his marijuana plants or leaves, decaying plant material around the base of the plant then the gnats will naturally be attracted to the soil.

Fungus gnats can be controlled by hanging yellow sticky insect traps in the greenhouse or grow room. Allowing the soil to dry out around the cannabis plant’s roots and then dousing the soil with a mixture of four parts water to one part hydrogen peroxide will kill the larvae.

Placing a fan and blower system into the greenhouse or grow room will also discourage the pests, as will growing in a hydroponics system that eliminates the use of soil altogether. There are also a number of commercial products that have been formulated to effectively kill fungus gnats.

In addition to fungus gnats, common pests of cannabis include spider mites, whitefly, and aphids.

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