Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Tilray Mean?

Tilray is a Canadian company based in British Columbia that cultivates and delivers high-quality cannabis to consumers. The company is one of the largest producers of medical marijuana in the world.

The company is dedicated to creating premium medical marijuana products. Tilray sells cannabis strains directly to medical marijuana patients via their online service and telephone orders.


Maximum Yield Explains Tilray

Tilray employs a team of botanists, PhDs, and master horticulturists to research and cultivate premium medical marijuana and research the latest agricultural science breakthroughs.

Tilray is constantly adding new strains of marijuana to meet the unique needs of their clients. They only grow premium marijuana plants in pure water and soil. Each plant is harvested at the perfect time to ensure a quality product.

As for distribution, from their modest location in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, Tilray ships their marijuana products and accessories via the mail to their many medical marijuana patients.

Tilray is a licensed medical marijuana producer, as per Health Canada, a federal governing body. Their designation as a licensed producer means they cannot supply illegally operating dispensaries; they must do mail-order only.

Tilray also sells a complete line of cannabis accessories. Their products are delivered to patients across Canada. They supply marijuana to governments, physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, and researchers around the world.


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