Last updated: May 12, 2021

What Does Chocolope Mean?

“Chocolope” is a predominantly (95%) sativa strain of cannabis. It is also known as “D-line”. Its parentage is the “Chocolate Thai” and Cannalope Haze” strains. Chocolope was developed by the Dutch breeding company, DNA Genetics. THC levels for Chocolope typically range from 18 to 22 percent. It is recommended for depression and though a high from Chocolope may not last as long as with other strains, most users report lingering feelings of euphoria and optimism. The flavors and aromas of Chocolope are described as chocolate, coffee, vanilla and other sweet smells. Chocolope is often prescribed for sufferers of depression and stress.


Maximum Yield Explains Chocolope

Chocolope has won numerous awards and is considered by most experts to be an easy strain to grow. It does however require more space than many other strains as it a tall plant, generally reaching well over six feet (2 meters), meaning that it may not be practical for all indoor producers. It is a good yielder, and an early flowerer (7-9 weeks) with large nuggets, and does not have as high a need for nutrients as other strains. If a novice grower has the physical space to grow Chocolope, it may be a good entry-level strain to try.


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