Shatter Wrap

Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Shatter Wrap Mean?

A shatter wrap, or shatter wrap joint, is a type of joint that contains both dried bud and a few drops of shatter oil or wax.

Shatter wrap joints can be a better way for people new to shatter to experience the effects of this potent method of consumption. The alternative is using a dab rig, a bit more of an involved process.

To make a shatter wrap, roll a joint like normal and simply add some shatter oil into it. The only thing to keep in mind is keeping the shatter away from the ends that will be lit, otherwise the heat/flame may interfere with the effects of the shatter.


Maximum Yield Explains Shatter Wrap

Shatter is a high potency marijuana extract used by smokers looking for a more intense high. The appearance of shatter looks like golden honey, toffee, or caramel. When it is warm it is viscose like honey, and when it is cold it is solid and brittle. The viscose version of shatter is what is used in shatter wrap joints.

Shatter has about 80% concentration of THC. Shatter is sought after because it is one of the purest forms of marijuana. The name comes from the way that it looks, which is a translucent slab. It’s known to be stable. However, if you drop it then it will likely break apart, hence the name. Shatter is a smooth and glassy substance that can be heated or scraped off the slab for use.

Shatter wrap is a form of dabs, and you can smoke it in a bowl or with a dabbing rig. Like all dabs, it is extracted by running a solvent like carbon dioxide, butane or propane through marijuana buds to get out the cannabinoids, and the solvent is evaporated. The resin left behind is gathered. Shatter goes through an additional filtration process that takes out the oils, fats, waxes, and terpenes.

The legal status of shatter is the same as marijuana in states such as Washington and Colorado.


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