Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Floriculture Mean?

Floriculture refers to farming, plant care, propagation, and cultivation with one goal in mind, the maximum production of flower buds and flowers. Growers who focus on floriculture also generally experiment with creating new strains, cultivars, and varieties to improve bud and flower development.

Floriculture is an entire gardening spectrum that is geared towards understanding and improving all aspects of bud and flower creation, including indoor lighting, growroom requirements, greenhouse needs, plant nutrition, irrigation, pest management, and breeding new cultivars/strains. The goal of floriculture is always to improve the plant so it yields larger buds, more abundant buds, and optimal flowering times.

Growing with a floriculture objective means having a strong focus on the plant’s spacing, pruning, ideal flower harvest time frame, and post-harvest chores such as storage and packaging of buds, flower heads, and other parts of the plant.


Maximum Yield Explains Floriculture

Floriculture encompasses all realms of successful growing, growth habits, and harvesting of a flowering plant. Growers usually center their goals around the plant’s health, branching, growth size, bud formation, flowering, harvest, the plant’s distinct desirable characteristics, and its overall flower and bud yield at the time of harvest.

All plants have two stages: the vegetative stage and the flowering stage. Floriculture singles out the flowering stage of the plant as being the most important aspect of the plant’s life.

Floriculture growers work to make the plant’s transition from the vegetative to the flowering stage an easy change in the hopes of boosting the plant’s bud and flower growth to greater and newer heights.


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