Puff Puff Pass

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Puff Puff Pass Mean?

"Puff puff pass" is a common slang phrase used in multiple ways in the cannabis industry. The most common usage of the phrase refers to someone taking two puffs off a marijuana joint before passing it to someone else.

While the term puff puff pass most typically describes the action of puffing a marijuana cigarette two times and passing it on to the next person, there is also a marijuana game called puff puff pass. Much like "drinking games", the game puff puff pass has a set of basic rules. Failure to abide by the rules results in elimination and the games goes on until there is a last man standing.


Maximum Yield Explains Puff Puff Pass

In a game of puff puff pass there are multiple participants or smokers and each participant puffs the cannabis cigarette twice and passes it onto the next person. During the process, the participants also collectively place a few bucks, which gets passed around, and say “puff puff pass” after each smoke and before each pass.

It is important to note that puff puff pass in this context denotes an enjoyable activity with marijuana, but the term can also mean to legalize weed in certain usages. Puff puff pass can be used in terms of passing legislation that legalizes marijuana.

Supporters of this passing of legislation believe that legalizing weed will allow the justice department to allocate their time in busting other crimes and bring in tax revenue. In doing so, monitoring procedures used to buy alcohol can be implemented for the cannabis industry.


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