Sticky Cannabis Bud

Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Sticky Cannabis Bud Mean?

At the time of processing, sticky cannabis buds, as opposed to overly dry flowers, are an indicator of strong, high-quality marijuana that is ready to be consumed. If cured cannabis from a dispensary or elsewhere is sticky to the touch, it's likely the cannabis is more expensive and contains more THC. Stickiness of the buds will depend mostly on the type of strain, as well as growing conditions.

The sticky nature of sticky cannabis buds is the result of resin, the component that results in the potency of cannabis buds. Resin is released from the trichomes of marijuana plants. Sticky cannabis buds are rich in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) because the primary function of trichomes is to produce cannabinoids like THC.

Consumers of cannabis now have their choice of dry flower, sticky cannabis buds, or solid or liquid concentrates. Sticky cannabis buds are attractive in the cannabis industry because they are key in any cannabis that has medicinal or euphoric properties. These cannabis buds are a great choice for smoking and can be useful in making dabs or oils as well.


Maximum Yield Explains Sticky Cannabis Bud

The stickiness of sticky cannabis buds is attributed to the long hair strands that collect the THC in the process of growing and create a dense and sticky covering on the buds. Due to the increased medicinal and euphoric properties in sticky cannabis buds, they have a high demand in the market. However, the stickiness causes the product to weigh more, thus making it more expensive

Cannabis plants grown with proper techniques are hung upside down during the drying process, allowing THC to run down the buds and gather at the plant tips. This method of drying helps prevent the cannabis plants from mold and rot formation, in turn preventing a waste of marijuana. However, it does not determine whether the buds will turn out to be dry or sticky. This is determined by the plant's genetics and how well it was cared for in the growth stages.

Cannabis plants need to be harvested after mature flowers are formed to ensure optimal sticky buds. Given that sticky cannabis buds have a higher THC, they appear structurally different than a dry bud.

Dry herbs and sticky herbs each have their own characteristics and uses. One is not necessarily 'better' than the other. For example, if quantity and bang for your buck is important, then it is best for the buyer to purchase dry buds. These are also the best suitable buds to be used in making edibles. However, if the buy is looking for quality, then the sticky buds are the best option.


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