Clam Baking

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Clam Baking Mean?

Clam baking is a slang term that describes the act of smoking marijuana in an enclosed space, which can be either a small room or a vehicle. The process of clam baking is attractive to smokers as it helps them achieve a better high since there is no "wasted" smoke.

Stoners usually calm bake with a blunt or a joint but it can also be done with bongs. Clam baking is also known as hot boxing.


Maximum Yield Explains Clam Baking

The term clam baking is derived from the after effect of the process. When someone smokes up in an enclosed space, for example, any space with all ventilation outputs like windows and doors closed, and then open the door after finishing, the smoke pours out just like when a clam opens its mouth.

When clam baking in enclosed places, the smoker is cutting off oxygen supply, which is supposed to go to the brain, resulting in an excess of carbon dioxide. This adds to the effects of being high. Leaving the enclosed space further adds to the effects of consuming cannabis in this way.

In order to achieve the desired effects of a clam baking session, the amount of cannabis smoked is important. Typically, participants use around three blunts, joints, or hits.


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