Hand Trimmer

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Hand Trimmer Mean?

A hand trimmer is a tool used to manually trim cannabis buds, as opposed to using an automatic tumble trimmer. Hand trimmers are basically pruners, shears, or small scissors. Some hand trimmers are ergonomically designed for tedious repetitive work, while others feature self-cleaning blades that prevent the tool from getting gummed up with plant resin.

Hand trimming is the preferred method of trimming cannabis, as it does not result in damage to the bud’s trichomes the way that an automated tumbler trimmer can.

With much innovation in the cannabis industry, the market has seen a rise of trimmers growers can choose from, including gentler tumble trimmers, and automatic (electric or battery operated) hand-held trimmers.


Maximum Yield Explains Hand Trimmer

Once cannabis buds have been dried, they must be trimmed (they can also be trimmed wet). You have two choices – an automated trimmer, or a hand trimmer. Of the two, hand trimming is the more popular option, and is credited with creating higher quality buds than what is possible with an automated trimmer.

Hand trimmer styles vary considerably, but the most common resemble a pair of scissors or small garden shears. The concept is very similar – you need to cut and remove undesirable plant material, and the best way to do that is with something that works a lot like scissors.

While using a hand trimmer is not particularly complicated or difficult, it can be very time consuming. In fact, most beginning level trimmers will take up to six hours to trim just a single pound of marijuana. Compare that to even a low end automatic trimmer, which is capable of processing four pounds in two hours, and you begin to see why many people opt for automation.

However, automation is not able to get the smooth, manicured look that many buyers demand. This means that buds with a rough, irregular surface may sell for less than properly trimmed buds, even if they are actually of the same quality, THC concentration, and CBD level. This does mean that growers will experience higher costs in relation to hand trimming, though, as it is not something that can be automated, and does require some skill to accomplish.


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