Automatic Trimmer

Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Automatic Trimmer Mean?

An automatic trimmer is a tool used for trimming leaves and buds from marijuana plants. It is less labor intensive than hand trimming, but is generally only possible if you have dried the plant first.

Included in the automatic trimmer category of cannabis processing equipment are both hand-held automatic (electric) trimmers, as well as tumble trimmers that shake up the plant material during the trimming process.

Automatic trimmer models vary significantly by capacity. You’ll find tabletop models that can process four pounds in two hours, as well as larger models that can process significantly more in a shorter time. Some commercial machines can process 200 pounds in a single day.


Maximum Yield Explains Automatic Trimmer

Trimming cannabis plants can be a time consuming, frustrating process. However, if you have dried it first, an automatic trimmer can speed things up by a significant amount. You’ll find a wide range of automatic trimmers on the market, in a range of different configurations, but each provides you with the means to improve production speed and reduce the amount of manual labor involved with trimming.

In general principle, automatic trimmers are usually designed to work with dried plants, although you will find some high-capacity, commercial grower-oriented machines that are capable of handling wet plants, as well.

Some automatic trimmers also provide further drying, so you can process semi-dry plants as well as completely dry plants. Most of these use a tumbler, similar to that in your at-home clothes dry. The tumbler spins and tumbles the buds in the drum. Eventually, this removes the leaves and much of the loose bud debris, resulting in a tight, well-trimmed bud.

Newer automatic trimmer models are now coming to the market that allow you to trim dry plants without tumbling, which is implicated in damaging trichomes in the buds. These use a flat, washboard like surface and metal blades to trim more like scissors, but without the manual labor.


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