Wet Trimming

Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Wet Trimming Mean?

Wet trimming is the process of trimming the flowers from a marijuana plant while it is still wet (fresh), that is, before the plant has fully dried. Wet trimming offer some benefits, including faster production.

Wet trimming, as opposed to dry trimming, is a matter of personal preference.


Maximum Yield Explains Wet Trimming

When the flowers of a cannabis plant are fully mature, they must be trimmed from the plant. There are two primary methods of doing this – wet trimming and dry trimming. Both offer benefits and drawbacks, but wet trimming is the fastest of the two.

Wet trimming involves removing the flowers from the cannabis plant before the plant has been dried. In other words, it is still green. The advantage here is that growers don’t have to wait for the plant to dry, which saves time. It also means that the material being trimmed is perpendicular to the flowers and can be easily removed with a pair of scissors.

There is also the benefit of the sugar leaves close to the flowers not being adhered to the flower material. Note that in most instances, using a trim machine will require that the plant be dried first. In most cases, wet trimming is best done by hand with a pair of scissors or a pruning tool. However, hedge trimmers can also be used to speed up the wet trimming process in some instances, although this is not common to all growing operations.

Once the plants have been completely trimmed and all the excess leaves have been removed, the buds can be hung to dry, or dried in a vacuum oven if that’s the preferred method, and then later cured. The result is often neater-looking buds than what is possible with dry trimming. Again, both methods have their place.


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