Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Flushing Mean?

Flushing is the technique of ceasing to provide nutrients to a cannabis plant and instead only applying water. The process of flushing the marijuana plant usually takes place during the final transition phase of the plant’s life right before harvest.

Ceasing to provide additional nutrients forces the plant to utilize its stored nutrients during its final week of growth. If a marijuana plant has excessive nutrients stored in its plant material, the built-up nutrients can affect the flavor of the plant and its overall quality.


Maximum Yield Explains Flushing

Flushing removes nutrient buildup to create a cleaner cannabis product. Pure cannabis plant material that is free of excessive nutrients is very important for medicinal marijuana products and concentrates.

Flushing is a process that is also used to remove built-up nutrients from the growing medium around the plant's root systems. Overfeeding nutrients to a marijuana plant can cause improper pH levels and a salt buildup in the soil. This can prevent the plant from absorbing nutrients so flushing the soil with pure water can balance out the situation so the plant can again readily absorb nutrients.

Cannabis plants go through growth transitions. During each stage of the plant’s life cycle, it requires different nutrients. Flushing away the old nutrients using water also allows a grower to tailor the new nutrients to fit plant’s changing and ever-evolving needs.

Some growers might also opt to use a flavored flushing product. By doing so, the flavored flush leaves a lingering taste to the finished product. Popular choices are tropical and berry flavors. Their use in the industry is somewhat debated, but all-natural products are available and deemed safe to use.


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