Kief Box

Last updated: October 18, 2017

What Does Kief Box Mean?

A kief box, also known as a pollen box, is a container used for the sifting and collecting of kief, or pollen, of flower buds.

Kief boxes are simple devices that are primarily used for cannabis flowers, but can be used to sift the pollen from any bud for the purposes of making incense, potpourri, or other medicinal products.


Maximum Yield Explains Kief Box

Though there is some variation in design, the procedure for using a pollen box is fairly standard. The flower bud is put into the open box onto the top of a screen. Some boxes have various, graduated screens for the purpose of sifting out various sizes of pollen, but all have at least one screen. Then the box is closed and shaken. The pollen, or kief, falls to the bottom for collection and use.

Keif boxes range from very simple, homemade devices to elaborately designed and manufactured systems. Some boxes open from the bottom, some have drawers that pull out, and others need to be completely disassembled to extract the pollen.

Keif boxes can also be used for the storage of the sifted pollen. For long-term storage, keeping the box or extracted pollen in the freezer is advised.


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