Larf Cannabis

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Larf Cannabis Mean?

Larf cannabis refers to the small and/or undeveloped and immature buds on a cannabis plant. Larf buds are generally found on the lower branches or sections of the plant where light levels are low. Their appearance is described as “fluffy” or “wispy”.

Larf cannabis is usually deemed to be of lower aesthetic quality, which typically lowers its market value and is often found to be lower in potency (not in all cases though) than the upper, fuller flowers in the plant canopy, which are sometimes referred to as “cola”.


Maximum Yield Explains Larf Cannabis

The relative value of larf is dependent upon market factors and the priorities and business plan of its growers. Some growers remove their larf (a process referred to as “de-larfing”) as they want the plant’s nutrients and energy devoted to the production of the more valuable upper flowers.

Other growers retain the larf for its use in the production of cannabis oil and infused edible products. Other growers still sell the larf as a discounted, lower grade product. It is sometimes mixed in with higher grade buds to either intentionally offer it at a lower price as a competitive business strategy or its presence in a blend is intentionally concealed to increase a grower’s or dealer’s profit margins.

A slang term for larf cannabis is popcorn buds.


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