Monster Cropping

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Monster Cropping Mean?

Monster cropping is an efficient method of cannabis propagation that is also referred to as “flowering clones”. It is accomplished by taking cuttings, or “clones” from a plant in the flowering stage instead of the vegetative stage, which is the more conventional method. This is done with the expectation of producing large (hence the adjective “monster”), well-branched propagates loaded with nodes.

Monster cropping works by causing the clones taken at the flowering stage to re-enter the vegetative stage. It is considered efficient because growers using this method do not need to maintain a mother plant, which typically requires more resources, space, and light than younger plants.


Maximum Yield Explains Monster Cropping

Growers utilizing the monster cropping method need to be aware of the balance required to be achieved between taking as many viable cuttings as possible, and leaving as many on the “donor” plant as to keep it healthy.

Monster cropping is usually performed by taking cuttings on a plant when it has reached its third week of flowering, or after the plant has been converted to a 12/12 lighting schedule.

Cuttings are usually taken from the lower branches of the plant and immediately placed in oxygenated water. A pump, bubbler, or air stone can be used to attain the necessary oxygen levels. All of the flower buds except for those at the top should be removed once the clone has been placed in the water.

Those clones that survive this process will begin to develop roots and new leaves. The initial leaves may appear small or mutated; this is normal. Regular leaves will appear soon after.


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