Fimming (FIM)

Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Fimming (FIM) Mean?

Fimming, from the acronym FIM ("fuck, I missed!") is a term used to refer to a specific trimming or pruning method used on marijuana plants during their growth stage. Essentially, fimming is a way to train the marijuana plant to grow more of the valuable compounds.

Fimming is very similar to topping a plant. The method encourages the cannabis plant to grow shorter and bushier. It also pushes the plant to create two heads instead of a singular head.

Fimming creates far more lateral branching on the plant. Growers perform fimming by pinching off the plant’s new growth or by using a sharp knife or trimmers to prune away the new growth. Great care must be taken to make sure that the pruners, knife, or the grower’s fingertips are sterile so that no infections are inadvertently transferred to the plant during the fimming process.


Maximum Yield Explains Fimming (FIM)

Fimming involves removing the marijuana plant’s new growth tip at the very end of the stem or branch where it meets the foliage. Growers cut away up to to 75 to 80 per cent of the tip. The remaining buds will be able to take up more light, which will ultimately increase their final weight.

Growers frequently prefer to use a curved blade to make a dished-out cut. Fimming should be used in conjunction with other growing techniques to successfully maximize the cannabis plant’s yield. Ultimately, fimming away the plant’s common singular bud will encourage it to produce two buds, which double the plant’s production.

It's possible to fimm a plant that already has two heads, thereby creating four or even five main (crown) buds.

For best results, fimming should not be done until your plant has three to five nodes (sets of leaves) in total. After that, once the plant grows more and more, it's possible to fimm the same plant more than once.

Oddly enough, fimming is actually a term spawned from the acronym, FIM, which stands for 'fuck I missed'. In other words, fimming was discovered by accident, when regular topping went wrong, but ended up being successful in the long run.


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