Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access (VMCA)

Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access (VMCA) Mean?

The Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access (VMCA) is a non-profit group made up primarily of veterans from the US Armed Forces. Its members are dedicated to fighting for access to medical marijuana and related products for all veterans.

The VMCA focuses on therapeutic and medicinal usage of medical cannabis, rather than recreational use, and is very active in both state and federal governments in advocating for the modernization of laws that would provide better access for veterans to medical cannabis.


Maximum Yield Explains Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access (VMCA)

The US is home to an incredible number of veterans’ organizations, but the Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access is possibly one of the most unique. This non-profit group fights for the rights of veterans from the US Armed Forces and their access to marijuana for medical use, including for the treatment of PTSD.

Originally, the organization was called the Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access, but the name was changed to avoid using the word marijuana, which is sometimes considered to carry negative connotations.

The organization was founded in 2007, in Elliston, Virginia, and at the time was the only such organization in existence helping US veterans find medical cannabis to aid with their treatment.

Today, the Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access has a strong online presence, including on social networks like Facebook, and a growing member base.

The organization’s mission has not changed, although it has added public awareness to its list of activities in an effort to change the way that everyday consumers look at medical cannabis and the treatments available for veterans.


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