Hemp Industries Association (HIA)

What Does Hemp Industries Association (HIA) Mean?

The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) is an Arizona-based non-profit trade association. Started in 1994, the HIA's mission is to educate the public about hemp products, maintain the integrity of hemp products, and advocate for sound business practices surrounding hemp production and the manufacture of hemp-based products.

In particular, the HIA seeks to represent hemp-related companies and manufacturers involved in food and body care, building materials, textiles, and cannabinoids (CBD). The HIA also serves as a liaison between growers, manufacturers, distributors, and hemp retailers. As of 2017, the group claims membership of more than 500 individuals or companies.


Maximum Yield Explains Hemp Industries Association (HIA)

The Hemp Industries Association hosts an annual conference and supports several hemp-themed events and symposiums throughout the year all around the United States and Canada. Membership in the HIA confers benefits to its members such as networking opportunities, discounts on hemp products, and lobbying opportunities.

The HIA has been active in suing and taking to task both the DEA and the FDA over several issues related to legislation regarding the status of hemp as a commodity and its proper labeling.

Noted cannabis expert Chris Conrad, along with his wife, author, and activist Mikki Norris, are credited as the driving force behind the creation of the HIA. Conrad served as the HIA’s first president. Conrad and Norris formed the American Hemp Council in 1989.


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