Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Daktory Mean?

The Daktory was a warehouse that was opened in New Lynn, Auckland, Australia by a group of cannabis advocates. Within the Daktory, members could purchase and readily use marijuana products. Marijuana plants were frequently cultivated within the confines of the warehouse. There was also many types of marijuana paraphernalia for sale.

The Daktory opened and operated in open defiance of the New Zealand law that prohibits the use, cultivation, possession, or sale of cannabis. It quickly became a popular place for marijuana users to gather and share their love of the plant. The Daktory's open operation and its members' blatant disregard of the country's cannabis laws caused police raids and it was eventually shut down. As of 2017, they face numerous legal battles.


Maximum Yield Explains Daktory

The Daktory was founded by Dakta Green and a group of activists. Its formation goal was to educate the public on the many medical benefits of cannabis in the hopes of eventually gaining legalization.

Marijuana users who sought admittance to the Daktory would register, pay a monthly membership charge, or a one-time $5 entry fee to join the Daktory. The only requirement for membership was that all patrons be at least 18 years old.

Inside the warehouse, all members were allowed to openly purchase and smoke recreational or medical marijuana. The cannabis clubhouse quickly grew in notoriety and plans were underway to expand it to various locations, however, in January 2017, police raided the Daktory and shut it down.


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