Cannabis Farmers Market

Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Cannabis Farmers Market Mean?

A cannabis farmers market is very similar to a traditional farmers market in terms of concept, design, layout, and set-up, but is geared specifically for marijuana growers and buyers.

These markets have sprung up in many areas in California, as well as other states that have legalized marijuana. Rather than accessories, cannabis farmers markets usually stick to selling consumable products, and some even sell a variety of cannabis products as well as regular fruits, flowers, and vegetables.


Maximum Yield Explains Cannabis Farmers Market

Once upon a time, if you wanted to visit a cannabis farmers market, you would have had to travel to Seattle, Washington. While the official Cannabis Farmers Market can still be found in Seattle, you’ll find a host of similar markets springing up in many other areas.

What is a cannabis farmers market? Simply put, it uses the same concept that underpins a conventional farmers market, but transforms it into a retail market that connects marijuana growers and buyers in a specific area. Depending on the market in question, you’ll find a wide range of options up for sale, including the following:

  • Small-batch marijuana
  • Handmade, quality dabs
  • Sustainably grown marijuana
  • Marijuana infused products ranging from lubricants to suppositories
  • Other products found at conventional farmers markets, including:
    • Flowers
    • Candles
    • Honey and honey blends
    • Candy and food

As mentioned, you’ll find cannabis farmers market options in many different locations today. The largest is still found in Seattle, but Los Angeles has a thriving market, as do both San Diego and San Francisco. Oakland, California’s market is small, but growing, and the Mendocino market attracts visitors from all over the country, as well as gourmet chefs, organic vegetable sellers and many others.

Each market varies at least somewhat from the others, with some markets focusing on presenting both pot and veggies/fruit, and others focusing on delivering a high-end, luxury experience.


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