American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AMAC)

Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AMAC) Mean?

The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) is a national organization, headquartered in Oregon. It was formed with the intention to educate patients and caregivers, providing them with the facts regarding cannabis use as a viable medication.

The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis also engages in and supports activism for the cause of legal medical marijuana, in addition to supporting its exchange, providing tips for growing cannabis, and even hosting recipes for marijuana on its website.


Maximum Yield Explains American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AMAC)

The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis' motto is “Compassion, Healing, and Education.” AAMC was formed in 2001. Its first director was noted medical marijuana advocate and healthcare professional Dr. Jay Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh served in this role until his death in 2005. Since 2007, its national director has been and is Arthur Livermore, Jr.

While the AAMC is not as well-known as other cannabis advocacy groups, there is some representation throughout the country with state branches in several US states. What may be their biggest contribution to the cause is a 2005 research paper that they released citing the benefits of cannabis for patients with diabetes.

The director at the time, Cavanaugh, has been oft-quoted with one of many statements when he declared, "Many of the chronically ill have successfully sought relief with the use of medical cannabis, an age-old remedy that now shows real scientific efficacy. … folks once disabled from crippling psychiatric disorders and addictions, returned to sanity and society with the assistance of a nontoxic herb with remarkable healing powers."


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