Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics

What Does Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics Mean?

The Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics (ACT) is a U.S. organization created to support the legalization, use and access to medical marijuana. The organization’s founder, Robert Randall, is the first person to have ever successfully used medical necessity as a legal defense against charges of drug possession in a court of law.


Maximum Yield Explains Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics

The Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics is a nonprofit organization originally founded by Robert Randall in 1981. Randall, suffering from glaucoma, was authorized to use marijuana (federally supplied). He was then arrested for possession of marijuana, and successfully used medical necessity as his legal defense.

ACT was the first nonprofit created to support the legalization of medical marijuana in the United States. Initially, the organization consisted only of Randall and his wife, but it grew quickly. It was eventually led by a board of directors, as well as a larger board of advisors. The Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics was responsible for many firsts in the fight to legalize medical marijuana, including a legal ruling by a federal judge that marijuana should be removed from the Schedule 1 listing, although this was ignored by the head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration at the time due to the political climate.

While ACT was hugely influential for over a decade, the organization eventually faded away. Today, ACT is represented by little more than a website, and is not active in the fight to further medical marijuana access and legalization. However, the group’s successor organization, Patients Out of Time, continues to push for more rights, and to have marijuana officially removed from its listing as a Schedule 1 substance under U.S. law.


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