Office of National Drug Control Policy

What Does Office of National Drug Control Policy Mean?

The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) is a function of the Executive office of the United States. The Director of the ONDCP reports directly to the President. The office, created in the 1980s under then president Ronald Reagan was created by congress to combat rising drug abuse.

By law, the director is required to advocate against any attempt at the legalization of any narcotic or drug that is currently listed as a schedule 1 substance. As such, the ONDCP spend millions of dollars annually in marketing and advertising campaigns specifically targeted to promote anti-drug messages and to oppose pro-drug legislation at the local and state levels.

The Office of National Drug Control Policy as of March, 2017 is led by Acting Director, Richard Baum.


Maximum Yield Explains Office of National Drug Control Policy

Funding for the Office of National Drug Control Policy had been reduced over the course of the Obama administration. Despite an actual reduction in illicit drug use in the United States, there is little evidence to prove or suggest that the ONDCP actually had anything to do with that.

In 2017, President Trump considered eliminating the ONDCP as a cost-saving measure to the federal budget. Its website was taken down for a period in 2017 suggesting to many that it had been defunded, but it reappeared later. As of early 2018, the ONDCP still exists, but its future is uncertain.


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