Last updated: January 15, 2018

What Does Hookah Mean?

A hookah is a traditional water pipe used for smoking various types of tobacco, cannabis, or other smokable substances. Designs vary, but hookahs are generally comprised of a bowl for the smokable material, a smoke chamber, a pipe filled with water and one or more hoses, each with a mouthpiece designed for inhalation of the smoke.

Hookahs are typically meant to last for several uses, up to several years. However, there are disposable hookahs, called hookah pens, which are a type of vape pen that can be used for smoking hookah blends.


Maximum Yield Explains Hookah

The smoking of the hookah has traditionally been done for many centuries, especially in Middle Eastern countries and the Far Eastern/Asian countries as well.

Hookah smoking was introduced into the Western World in the 19th century and by the end of the 20th century, several establishments called hookah bars had been established in North America. Hookah smoking, especially in hookah bars, is usually done as a social activity.

The use of hookahs and health risks are often debated. Even though the smoke is filtered through water, hookahs should not be thought of as completely safe. Some criticism is also leveled at manufacturers of flavored tobaccos for encouraging their use by minors.

It should be noted that hookahs are not reserved for cannabis use. Therefore, their sale, and ultimately their use, is not illegal in countries and states that ban marijuana use – unless, of course, the hookah is indeed being used illegally (i.e., to smoke cannabis).


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