Last Updated: August 13, 2018

Definition - What does Reeferphobia mean?

Reeferphobia, or reefer phobia, is a fear of marijuana. Rather than a legitimate medical condition, reeferphobia is essentially a derogatory term used by those who use marijuana to refer to those who argue stridently for it remaining illegal and being classified as a drug, with criminal ramifications for its use.

For those accused of being reeferphobes, reeferphobia goes beyond a strong dislike or aversion to marijuana itself, and also implies a strong dislike of people who partake of marijuana, whether for recreational or for medical reasons.

MaximumYield explains Reeferphobia

While several states in the US have legalized marijuana use for either medicinal or recreational purposes, most states have not. In some instances, this is due to a phenomenon known as “reeferphobia”.

Reeferphobia can be defined in two ways. First, it is the reaction of anti-marijuana activists to all things pot-related, from recreational use to medicinal applications. Second, it is a derogatory term used by marijuana users toward those who take an anti-pot stance.

A reeferphobe is someone who suffers from reeferphobia. That is, they fear marijuana in virtually all of its forms, and are stridently against any sort of legal reform that would make marijuana even marginally more legal in states where it is not currently legalized.

Fear of marijuana is beginning to decline across the country, although marijuana prohibition has been slow to fade away. However, with ongoing research into marijuana’s many medical applications and health benefits, as well as the realization by consumers that it is not a harmful drug like cocaine, meth or heroin, opinions are beginning to change.

In time, it is possible that reeferphobia will become a thing of the past, and marijuana usage will be legalized, at least in most states.

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