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Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Head Shop Mean?

A head shop is a retail store that sells accessories, tools, and paraphernalia that can be used for doing drugs, particularly for smoking marijuana. Unlike dispensaries, head shops don't typically sell consumable products.

Most states make drug paraphernalia illegal, but head shops often get around these legalities by marketing their products as being for use with tobacco. So, while not illegal, most shops do require that you be over 18 years of age to purchase items.


Maximum Yield Explains Head Shop

A head shop is simply a retail operation that specializes in selling accessories, tools, and equipment used for taking drugs, usually marijuana. Head shops often sell these accessories as being “used for tobacco” to get around anti-drug paraphernalia laws.

Why the term “head shop”, though? There’s a lot of argument about the origin of the name, but it most likely dates back to the early 1900s, when “head” was first combined with a drug type to denote someone who used that drug frequently. From that point, terms like pothead became relatively commonplace, particularly in counterculture/subculture movements in the United States.

In most head shops across the country, you can purchase a range of drug paraphernalia, accessories, supplies and tools. Glass pipes are almost ubiquitous, but you’ll find other options, including hookahs and water pipes, bongs, one-hitter pipes, rolling papers, and a great deal more.

Not all of a head shop’s merchandise is dedicated to smoking marijuana, though. Most carry an assortment of other items, ranging from “trippy” posters and wall art to flags, patches and everything in between. In a sense, these stores serve as a connection point between counterculture members and the manufacturers and companies who serve them in a wide range of ways.


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