Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Chillum Mean?

A chillum is a device used to smoke marijuana. It is a straight conical pipe with a mouthpiece and a bowl. The thinner end is the mouthpiece and the bigger end is where you pack the device with marijuana. The bowl that is packed is held vertically, and is inside the pipe.

Chillums are made of many different materials, including wood, glass, and metal, but they are traditionally made out of clay. In addition, Rastafarians use chillums in ceremonies made out of a cow's horn.


Maximum Yield Explains Chillum

The word chillum comes from the Hindi word cilam, which means pipe. Use of chillums span thousands of years, documented as being used by Hindu monks called sadhus in rituals relating to Shiva.

Chillums are regarded as a status symbol among travelers. They look simple in their design, but it takes a significant amount of expertise to make them. However, using a chillum is easy. The user simply puts resin, hashish, or flower in the bowl part. Then they light it and inhale the smoke.

Smaller chillums are known as one-hitters or bats. They give a stronger hit than pipes with the spoon design. Furthermore, they are more discrete than other kinds of smoking devices, and they are also very durable as the conical design is sturdy and solid.

Chillums are available in most head shops and smoke shops and are a very common way to smoke.


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