Acapulco Gold

Last updated: April 30, 2019

What Does Acapulco Gold Mean?

Acapulco Gold is a strain of cannabis that originated in Mexico. While predominantly a sativa, it is a hybrid of about one-fifth indica.

Acapulco Gold was named for the region where it originated, which is near the Pacific coast of the Mexican state, Guererro, near the city of Acapolco de Juarez. It is also named for the gold to green or gold to brown color of the dried marijuana prepared from the plants.


Maximum Yield Explains Acapulco Gold

The color and potency (THC levels above 20 per cent) of Acapulco Gold are attributed to the geography in which is originated. In Mexico, the long growing season coupled with the particular drying properties of the Pacific breezes are said to be the combination that created this particular strain.

Acapulco Gold is largely associated with the 1960s “peace and love” movements and enjoyed notoriety well into the 1970s. It was featured prominently in several magazines, books, films, television shows, and artworks during this time frame.

This sativa-dominant strain's potency is said to have been reduced by the mid-1970s due to overproduction. In addition, Acapulco Gold produced from seed but not grown in the region it is native to produced inferior product as well. It is still, however, widely regarded and sought after. It is produced and sold throughout North America and still enjoys a reputation for providing users with both a head and body high.


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