Charlotte's Web

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Charlotte's Web Mean?

Charlotte’s Web is a trademarked cannabidiol (CBD) oil manufactured by the CW Hemp Company, a brand owned by the Stanley Brothers Social Enterprises, Inc. company (also known as the Stanley Brothers), a Colorado-based manufacturer of cannabis and hemp health products.

Charlotte’s Web is low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), so it doesn't get a person high. Since 2014, its THC levels have been at or below 0.3 per cent, making the product legally the same as industrial hemp. It was created by crossing industrial hemp with another strain of marijuana, which resulted in a low-THC, high-CBD extract. Charlotte's Web was first developed in 2011 and went by the name Hippie's Disappointment.


Maximum Yield Explains Charlotte's Web

In 2011, the name Charlotte’s Web was given to the product because of its touted benefits at reducing seizures in a then five-year-old sufferer of Dravet syndrome, Charlotte Figi.

Charlotte and Charlotte’s Web received national attention and widespread media coverage when the story broke about her case. Both were first featured in the 2013 CNN documentary Weed. Now, the product is commercially available and very popular. Considered a dietary supplement, Charlotte's Web can be taken orally or added to smoothies, salad dressings, coffee, and so on.

Critics of Charlotte’s Web state that there are hundreds of other high-CBD products that are capable of doing the same, if not better, job of alleviating symptoms and that quite often, dosing by other means and by adding THC acid (THC) or other compounds may be required for various conditions. The concern is that the Stanley Brothers and their non-profit arm, Realm of Caring, are cornering the market and potentially denying patients other, more effect cannabis remedies.


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